How it works?

 Our solution is a smart attachment that snaps onto the mouthpiece of a traditional inhaler.


The patent-pending device houses sensors that go beyond other digital tools by tracking not only when people use the inhaler, but also how well, by measuring key technique parameters.


These include the inhalation flow rate, actuation coordination, and the orientation of the device. The mouthpiece attachment wirelessly transmits data to a smartphone app, where the user can take a look at their usage patterns and receive feedback to make sure their technique stays on track.



Lucas (11 y.o. asthmatic)

“It’ll be useful when I go out with my friends, because my mom won’t have to ask if I’ve taken the inhaler already.”

Daisy (Mother)

“My boss picks on me sometimes as I spend so much time every day on the phone trying to make sure my son has taken his inhaler”

Dr. Steven (Doctor)

"If I could track whether a patient is using their inhaler correctly, it would make check-ups and treatment planning a lot easier."

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